2019 – Present (HKG)
Steve Lovegrove (Laser)
Fabrizio Lazzerini (Laser)
2018 (HKG)
Alexander Dyet (Laser)
2016 – 2018 (FRA)
Xavier Brotschi (420)
Julien Gayraud (420)
2014 – 2016 (USA)
Steve Keen (420)
2013 – 2014 (USA)
Pepe Bettini (Optimist)
Pablo Panichelli (Optimist)
Strive Fitness
Laser Radial (Hong Kong)

Stan Picard was born on March 7, 2001 in Lille, France. The son of Franck and Regine Picard, he grew up in Hong Kong and New York with his younger sister Camille.

Stan attends the Hong Kong French International School, International Baccalaureate diploma. He currently sails Laser Radial with the Royal Hong Kong Yacht club.

At the age of 6 years old, Stan started sailing optimist, a small boat that most sailors start with, before moving on to a bigger boat. He completed his first regatta (sailing competition), at the age of 7. He then began competing in 2011 with the Hong Kong Optimist National Team. When he turned 11, he moved to the United States (New York) and sailed with LISOT where he was coached by Argentinian coaches Pepe Bettini and Pablo Pinachelli (Panic). He quickly sailed with the United States Optimist National Team. At the age of 14, Stan move up to 420 and joined the LISOT 420 team coached by New Zealand coach Steve Keen.

At the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, Stan moved to France to sail and train with the 420 Pôle Espoir team, in Montpellier where he sailed with Gabin Lemaître and later Robin Fournier. Pôle Espoir is a national elite sailing program sponsored by the French Sailing Federation.

While in France, he attended the CREPS de Montpellier where he boarded, did his fitness training and made friends with young people talented in various sports (from rugby, volleyball, football, basketball, tennis…).

Back in Hong Kong with his family in September 2018, Stan started sailing Laser Radial with the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. He is now officially the Hong Kong National Champion & qualified to represent Hong Kong to all international events including the prestigious Youth Sailing World Championships, which will be held in Gdynia, Poland!

Stan loves the adventure of exploring new places, attending regattas worldwide and discovering new cultures and customs. Stan is passionate about Geography, Environment, History and loves learning new languages.

Awards & Best Race Results
22nd (125 boat regatta)

Laser Youth Easter Meeting 2019 (Malcesine, Italy)

1st (10 boat regatta)
1st Overall

62nd Laser Radial Samsung Festival of Sport (Shelter Cove, Hong Kong)

1st (22 schools – team racing RS Feva)
1st Overall

2019 Boase Cohen & Collins Inter-School Sailing Festival (Middle Island, Hong Kong)

1st (13 boat regatta)
2nd Overall

2019 Hong Kong race Week Laser Radial (Middle Island, Hong Kong)

17th (269 boat regatta)
213th Overall
ILCA Laser Radial World Championships (Kiel, Germany)
10th (103 boat regatta)
36th Overall
Travemunde Woche Laser German Nationals (Travemunde, Germany)
3rd (25 boat regatta)
6th Overall

Régate Interligue 420 (Aix-les-bains, France)
6th (67 boat regatta)

National Printemps CIMA  420 (Martigues, France)
5th (21 boat regatta)
8th Overall
Semi National Sud 420 (Toulon, France)
1st (17 boat regatta)
Ski Voile International 420 (Antibes, France)
8th (98 boat regatta)
Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta
Laser Radial (Miami, FL USA)
7th (55 boat regatta)

42nd Christmas Race 420 (Palamos, Spain)
10th overall (62 boat regatta)
1st French overall
IWR 2017 420 (Imperia, Italy)
9th (58 boat regatta)
Nat. d’Automne 420
(La Rochelle, France)
3rd (43 boat regatta)
Champ. France 420 (Brest, France)
13th (85 boat regatta)
Coupe Nationale 420 (Crozon, France)
16th (81 boat regatta)
CIMA 2017 420(Les Sablettes, France)
10th (135 boat regatta)
Kieler Woche 2017 420(Kiel, Germany)
19th (65 boat regatta)
Demi National Laser Sud
(Marseillan, France)
14th (83 boat regatta)
47° Grand Prix de l’Armistice 420 (Maubuisson, France)
3rd (84 boat regatta)
Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta
Laser Radial (Miami, FL USA)
4th (70 boat regatta)
14th Overall

Laser 4.7 Int. German Youth Championship (Travemünde, Germany)
11th (85 boat regatta)
Coupe Nationale d’été 420 (Trébeurden, France)
4th (29 boat regatta)
I-420 Atlantic Coast Championships (Greenwich, CT USA)
10th (100 boat regatta)
Coupe Nationale D’Eté 420 (Crouesty, France)
17th (217 boat regatta)
USODA Team Trials (Stamford, CT USA)
2nd (126 boat regatta)
USODA New Jersey State Championship (Brant Beach, NJ USA)
4th (376 boat regatta)
USODA New England Championship (Newport, RI USA)
8th (229 boat regatta)
USODA National Championship (Long Beach, CA USA)
4th (223 boat regatta)
USODA Atlantic Coast Championship (Brant Beach, NJ USA)
1st (240 boat regatta)
USODA Atlantic Coast Championship (Sewanhaka, NY USA)
3rd (111 boat regatta)
USODA New Jersey State Championship  (Brant Beach, NJ USA)
4th (292 boat regatta)
USODA New England Championship (Portland, ME USA)
12th (160 boat regatta)
USODA National Championship (Grosse Pointe, MI USA)
National Friendship Award Winner
18th (180 boat regatta)
USODA West Coast Championship (Los Angeles, CA USA)

“Follow your dreams, your passions- your obsessions.
Persistence will always turn failure into success.”

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